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My name is Sheree Cowie and I am a creative fabricator based in Prince George, British Columbia. I founded Urban Turban Head Towels in July of 2014. I love creating a product that people need every day. Something so simple can make people feel pampered.

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Sheree Cowie


 Urban Turban was something that I just seem to stumble into.  I had purchased a cotton terry towel hair turban many years ago and it wore out over time.  When I wanted to replace it I found there was nothing like it on the market anymore.  There were lots of micro fiber ones but none that felt just like a towel.  Micro fiber sticks to my hands and I really dislike the feel of it.  I tried a bamboo one which I ordered  online but it was so small.  I knew exactly what I wanted but it was nowhere to be found.  Then I came across some homemade ones and realized I could make what I wanted so I drew up a pattern for one that worked for me and I was off to the races.  I have been a home sewer for many years so it was fun and soon I was getting requests from my friends, as I gave them for gifts.  My daughters loved them and soon were digging into my supply every time they needed a gift for a friend or coworker. I was about 4 years away from retirement and started thinking this might be something to keep me busy once I retired.   I started out small at craft fairs and over the next 4 years it grew a bit each year.  Once I officially retired I was able to devote more time to my project and it has blossomed from there.  I love being able to work when I need to and still have lots of time for my family and friends.