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Headband/Trickle Towels Combo


The heaband/trickle towel combo set make a great addition to your beauty regime. The face washing headband and towels are soft 100% terry cotton. The headband is adjustable and keeps your hair off your face and the trickle towels will prevent water from running down your arms and soaking your clothing. They are really amazing.

Headband/Trickle Towel Combo makes a great gift set.  The face washing headband keeps your hair off your face while washing and doing your make-up and the trickle towels stop the water from running down your arms while washing your face.  An amazing product.  Once you use it you will wonder how you ever lived without it.  All made from 100% cotton terry towel.  Lots of colour choices and prints.
Headband/Trickle Towel Combo

White, Grey, Black, Ivory, Fuschia, Teal, Purple, Steel Blue, Green, Seafoam, Tan

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